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LMaD Terms/Abbreviations

Snipe - An item selling 50%-99% off... Nothing less, nothing more.
Snag - An item selling 25%-49% off... Nothing less, nothing more.
LPP - An item selling 100% off... Basically it's 100% off, when in reality, it's only as low as it possibly could go, hence the name LPP. (Lowest Price Possible) WARNING: Trolls like to claim Largest Price Possible, that's not true.
BC - Builders Club
TBC - Turbo Builders Club
OBC - Outrageous Builders Club
Project - A project in LMaD's point-of-view is when there's a low amount of an item, and there's a lot of price jumps... A group of LMaDers buy and delete the item until it reaches an outrageous price (ex; a item worth 500 originally is now worth 50,000), thus making a profit.
STF - Sparkle Time Fedora
EST - Eccentric Shop Teacher
CoW - Crown of Warlords
NVGs - Night Vision Goggles
CC - Crimson Catseye 
WWA - Wanwood Antlers
DC - Domino Crown
NMoA - Ninja Mask of Awesome
EoC - Eyes of Crimsonwrath
EoA - Eyes of Azurewrath
IC - Ice Crown
CW - Clockwork
CWHP - Clockwork's Headphones
CW Shades - Clockwork's Shades
ST - Star Tailslide
DB - The Agonizingly Ugly Bucket of Doom
DH - Dark Heart
EK - Epic Katana
Ozzy - Red Crown of Ozymandias
SQL - Red Bandana of SQL Injection
(#)k - Let's say someone says 1k... That simply means 1,000.
P(i)G - Password Guess(ing/ed)
TC - Trade Currency
TS - Trading System
Macs(er)(s) - Scam(mer)(s)
NFS - Not For Sale

Bacon/B@con Drac (10lb = 10$) - ROBLOX Card
LMaDer - Lets Make A Deal User, it's kinda confusing.
To be an LMaDer your posts must be moderately high, and you 
must be very active with great deals and such. 
(#)M-Placing "M" at the end of a number simply means in the millions. - Credit to Picklepuss
WWC - Wanwood Crown
IIA (Isuper67 is awesome) - Credit Isuper67
Lordnavying - Hating on a hat then buying it later (Example, star tailslide is ugly, then a week later you buy it)

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