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About Us

Welcome to the What's Hot in LMaD? blog! A site dedicated to the Lets Make a Deal forum, along with ROBLOX entirely.

We publish all different types of articles! We give in-depth info on what's going on in the awesome online social game, along with a little humor too!

We are very active, and we love when we see new comments and pageviews everyday. We are very popular just within being created! We do not want to compete against other blogs at all.

We are making updates and most importantly new posts every day! Check it out, and we hope you enjoy!

~ What's Hot in LMaD? Staff


Testaments are basically good reviews of something. Here are OUR Testaments.

" To be honest, it's a decent blogpost," -RobloScientist

"What Roblo said," -Tjzap

"Overall,I think its great. Keep it up. :D" - RY84TTT

"A very good blog, I love how the staff balances humor with seriousness, and the information is always accurate." - Bombz99

-Roblox Moderator, DaveYork/DavidYork