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Saturday, March 24, 2012

GEAR FRIDAY REVIEW: March 23rd, 2012

Hey LMaDers and Robloxians (catchphrases FTW)! Today I'm going to review the ENTIRE Gear Friday of March 23rd, 2012, the very first Gear Friday review. For those of you who don't know, "Gear Friday" happens every Friday where ROBLOX releases new gears. I'll review the gears themselves, and review the entire thing altogether. Let's get started!

GEAR #1: Rubber Chicken Wand


Mesh: 9/10 - This mesh is VERY original, really only the styles of this mesh have been used one or two times, both being wands. Wands don't come a lot, and if they do, they usually each have different meshes. 

Colors, Design, and Detail: 8/10 - The colors go pretty well together, making it look like an actual chicken wand. Also, I like how the bottom is like the neck thing (I don't know what it's called xD) and the top part a chicken head/beak, making it look like a chicken figuratively.

Price: 10/10 - For what the gear does, it is definitely worth the price. This costed 500 R$, which is a very good price. Lots of people can afford this price.

What it Does: 10/10 - This gear is VERY useful. What it does is when someone's coming up to you with a gear, when you use it, that gear turns into a useless rubber chicken, that I don't think can attack. The user with the wand could easily pull out a sword and blox them. It's very useful.

Stock: 1/10 - Here is what made me disappointed. This gear had a lot of potential. The description made tons of LMaDers make threads saying "Definitely buying Rubber Chicken Wand" or "Chicken wand will win". Now when it turned limited, and people saw the stock, they were shocked and disappointed. There are 1200 available, which really made it drop it's potential with a really high stock. I was F5'ing for around a minute and there were about 1-2 sold per 5 seconds. That's about 12-24 sold per MINUTE. That would take almost 2 hours for it to sell out.


Summary: Overall, I think this is a great gear. Great mesh, creativity, colors, design, and also what it is capable of doing. However, the stock made it collapse; not making it very easy to make profit. When there are private sellers, I expect it to sell around 500 R$ - 600 R$, losing about 200 R$ profit. I don't recommend buying until it sells out.

Well, now that we got that gear done. Let's move on to the next one.


Mesh: 10/10 - This mesh is awesome. The ray-gun like mesh makes me like it a lot. Also, since it has a football as the blaster, the field goal goal on the top really is unique and sporty. The mesh is amazing and original.

Colors, Design, and Detail: 10/10 - In the name, it says Sports Victory Blaster. The colors and design make it look sporty, especially with the football and field goal goal added. All the colors go well together amazingly, and the design is phenomenal.

Price: 6/10 - For what it does, it's not really worth the price. This gear costs 450 R$, and it's more of just a playing around gear. Also, it's Builders Club Only, so it almost costs more than that because you might have to buy BC to get it. You can see what it does below.

What it Does: 6/10 - This is not really a useful gear in combat. What this gear does is whoever you shoot it at, they start dancing for a few seconds like the user scored a touchdown. It's more like a funny gear, for having fun with friends. If you're a hard core Bloxxer, I wouldn't recommend this for you.


Summary: I think this is a kind of good gear; it's not really useful for combat. I would recommend buying it if you like hanging out with friends, not bloxxing people with swords. The design and mesh parts are amazing, but the price and what it's capable of doing makes me bring it down. You're choice if you're one of those two types of people.

Let's go on to Gear #3!


Mesh: 1/10 - This mesh is so bland and detailed, it's terrifying. I've never seen a mesh that looks this terrible before. It's cliche and ugly. I've seen meshes like this all the times on ROBLOX.

Colors, Design, and Detail: 2/10 - I have never seen a gear, ever, that has horrible colors. There are only 2 colors on this total. A cornflower blue, and wood-like brown. It's not very colorful, which I don't like. The design is also horrible, it's just a normal sword and that's it. There's not much detail to it either; just the lines on the wood parts of the sword.

Price: 4/10 - I really don't think the price is that great on this gear. It's certainly better than the colors, design, detail, and mesh, but the price is not good. This gear costs 650 R$, and for what it does, it is a little too expensive. You can see what it does below.

What it Does: 5/10 - This gear isn't very useful in combat, in fact, I can think of at least 10 gears that could beat this, not even including the SFOTHIV swords. The shield is horrible, it doesn't block very well. If you press W and click a lot, the sword spins, but someone could easily avoid it.


Summary: This gear is terrible. No detail, no good mesh, a bad price, and it's not very useful. If you add all of those together, it makes a total waste of money. I recommend you save your money on something else; not this terrible gear.
Well, not that we got that one in the trash can, let's move on to our last gear in the review.
GEAR #4: Duelling Glove


Mesh: 9/10 - The mesh looks pretty cool. I've never seen another boxing glove like this (Except the one for Level Up), and it looks like a pretty real hand. Also, it looks like Master Hand from the Super Smash Bros. series, which makes it pretty cool too.

Colors, Design, and Detail: 7/10 - There aren't really a lot of colors in this, just a dark greyish-black, and white. However, if you look closely, there are little "checkers" on the black part of the glove, and even wrinkles on the bottom. The colors kind of go together, but I'd like to see more vibrant colors like Red or Blue.

Price: 7/10 - This gear costs 400 R$, and for what it does, I think it's worth it. It's not that expensive, and NBC'ers can buy it if they want to. Win-win. However, I feel it could be a little lower.

What it Does: 8/10 - Apparently what this does is when you use it, you get in a "cat-fight". I don't know how much damage it does, but usually cat-fights do a lot of damage (If someone could contact me telling me how much damage it does; that would be great).

Summary: I think this is a pretty cool gear. This is the only boxing glove that is currently on sale, which makes it really unique. It has a lot of detail, and I think it's a pretty useful gear. I would recommend buying this.
Well, now that we reviewed all 4 gears, I'm going to summarize and review the Gear Friday as a whole.


Summary: This was just another normal, Gear Friday. I was hoping for some profit, but we didn't get any this week. Some of these gears are good, some aren't, but remember there's always another Friday!

Well, that's the review of the Gear Friday this week! Tune in for more reviews and other awesome info and posts!

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