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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Interview with EXcellent!

Interviewing EXcellent!

EXcellent, a top forumer, with over 30,000 post, is being interviewed by us today!

Q1: What made you join roblox?
 A1: I was watching one of Fleskhjerta's Super Mario 64 and footage cut to this game with a blocky humanoid shooting a slingshot. I thought it was great game . However, that was in mid-2008 and I didn't join until mid-February on my first account, Falconer. 
Q2: Okay, Who was your rolemodel when you joined?
 A2:My first rolemodel was probably either Fleskhjerta or Telamon/Shedletsky .
 Q3: what inspired you to become what you are right now?
 A3:What inspired me the most was probably the prospect of moving up in this virtual world and to gain respect. I have succeeded for the most part.
 Q4:What was your peak and valley of your investing career?
 A4: My peak was probably owning :( Red Grind and Spec Beta E nergy Sword at the same time in February 2010. My valley was when I lost Retro 80s Headphones and Bluesteel Bathelm to salem9
 Q5: Whats your favorite game of all-time?
A5: My favorite game of all-time is a tie between HeliWars by drewsomeb and Freeze Tag by TwoShue.

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