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Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Update on Trade System

As you have ALL been waiting for, Telamon (Shedletsky) Let out a tweet on Twitter that enlightened our thoughts about when it will be released.

He said :
"Trading system down in early April says @isaiahsized in company #roblox"

This means the wait is almost over! The trading system is right around the corner!


Q: What's the Trading System?
A: A System used to trade Hats & Gear

Q: Will it be a BC Only Feature?
A: N/A, most liking, sadly.

Q: Can Limiteds/LimitedUs only be traded?
A: N/A, most likely.

Q: Can you trade only with whose online?
A: N/A, its 50-50 right now.

Q: Can you personally find a person to trade with,
or does it list people with the hat and what they want to trade?
A: N/A, apparently, they are deciding.

Why The Trading System is SO Urgent

  • Stops Scammers 
  • Helps other's get their "Dream Hat/Gear" successfully 
  • You can trade
  • And much, much, more.