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Saturday, March 17, 2012

WARNING: LMaDers use Bots to post faster

As far as what I know, LMaDers found made a bot that will post automatically so they don't have to waste their time posting to get their posts up.
There is nothing we can do about this, what we can do is list reasons why you shouldn't use a posting bot;

  1. Defeats the purpose of LMaD
  2. Spam
  3. Annoying for everyone who regularly forums
  4. It takes time for one user to reach 30k posts, when someone can just use a bot it isn't as rewarding for originals.
  5. Nooby LMaDers can bump up their posts to try and gain respect.
  6. You are not known as an LMaDer if all you post is "LOL" "NOU" "JK" and such.
  7. You can't get good deals if you don't LMaD the correct way
This needs to end now!


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