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Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 Egg Hunt: Unlockables/Achieving all Eggs

First off, the easiest way to get ALL the eggs is by searching for a hacked server.

Secondly, if you want you hats legit but take a short amount of time, get Egg Cannon 9000 and buy both the Egglord Circlet and Rexus, then search for the remaining ones you haven't got.

Last, if you want to do hard core egg hunting, I suggest you stick to the our written guide to egg hunting 2012;


Hyperactive Egg of Hyperactivity - Spawns everywhere. Mostly found in the Black Hills. Should be your first egg.

Egg Timer - Spawns around the buildings or the Black Hills.

 Futuristic Egg of Antigravity - Spawns mostly in the Black Hills. To get it, I recommend to get the Wing Potion and fly to get them.

Combo Egg of Trolllolol - Spawns mostly around the Black Hills. The combo is 707.

Aqueous Egg of River Riding - Spawns inside the river. Derp.

Vampiric Egg of Twilight - Spawns everywhere when twilight happens.

Eggcognito Egg - Spawns everywhere. But mostly in the Black Hills. I recommend to wear an unusual or rare hat to get it.

Ethereal Ghost Egg - Spawns everywhere. Same as the Antigravity, use the Potion to obtain it.

Subterranean Egg - Spawns underground. It's mostly found inside Thieves Den and the passage to the Crystal egg.

Office Professional Egg - Spawns only inside the buildings. Derp.

Molten Meteoric Core Egg - Spawns everywhere. But it's mostly found around the center or behind the buildings. Just wait until the meteor opens. But be careful since it can kill you.

Eggsterminator Egg - Found mostly in the center, and usually if your on your way to get the potion you might find it. Be careful, because it can kill you if you don't get it in time.

Elevated Egg of the Eyrie - Found mostly on top of the Green Mountains where the rivers are.

Self Replicating Egg of Grey Goo - Spawns mostly around the buildings and rarely in the Black Hills. Just simply stand on all the eggs as fast as you can to get it.


Chaos Canyon Sugar Egg - Spawns usually around the center, in the Black Hills, or behind the buildings. It rarely appears at night.

Crossroads Sugar Egg - Usually spawns in the center or in the Black Hills just like the Chaos Canyon egg.

Sword Fight on the Heights Sugar Egg - Spawns usually in the Black Hills or around the Brown Mountains. It usually comes out at night.


Azurewrath Fabergé Egg - Spawns mostly around the buildings, inside the Crossroads buildings, or around the Black Hills at night.

Charles Babbage Fabergé Egg - Usually spawns in the center or around the Crossroads buildings.

Ruby Filigree Fabergé Egg - The rarest Faberge egg. Usually spawns in the center, or up high in the Brown Mountains along with the SFOTHIV Sugar egg.


Egg of All-Devouring Darkness - The hardest egg to obtain. There are many rumors on how to get it, but only 2 work. The first way to get it, is to have 8 people stand on the slabs on the Pedestal up on the highest point in the Black Hills. Then once midnight reaches the egg may or may not appear in the circle in the center. Once it appears just try to grab it and if you do the sky will appear white, then the server will shut down. The second way to obtain is easier since it requires less people. Just go up on the pedestal in the Black Hills and stand in the center where the circle is and wait for the egg to appear. This requires patience so just...Be patient. It appears every 3-7 days at night so just stand there until it appears.

Insanely Valuable Crystal Egg - This one is one of the hardest eggs to get since 9/10 times the lava can kill you. It is found all the way down underground. The easiest way to get it is just go with the flow of the lava. After it vanishes from the floor wait 110 seconds then continue down. Once you reach the center after the lava dries wait 20 seconds. Be careful though, many people are out to get this so you have to be quick.

Terrordactyl Egg - The second hardest egg to get. It is found all the way up in the Green Mountains where the nest is. At night the Pterodactyl will choose someone and that someone will start dancing following some music. If you start dancing that means the Pterodactyl will either drop the egg on you or drop bombs. Once the Pterodactyl comes get out of the nest to avoid bombs. If he manages to drop the egg grab it. Just like the crystal egg many people are out to get it.

The Last Egg - Doesn't need a guide for it since it's pretty much self explanatory, but for the sake of the guide it is found everywhere. All you need to do is obtain all the eggs and then grab it.

Stooge Egg - Found in the Three Stooges Game underground at the beginning of the game as well as you have to use a mallet to get it. To obtain it, it is recommended to be on the blue team, go all the way to the theater and grab the mallet right next to the trash cans, then just go down the shoot and grab it. It is common to find other people in the game who want it as well, so you have to be quick to get it.

Credit to: Multrimax


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