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Monday, April 2, 2012

HAT REVIEW: Bowling Crown

Hey LMaDers and Robloxians! While we're sorting out all the issues of the April 1st Roblox Hack, I'm going to do a hat review! Today, I'm going to review one of the hats made by the exploiters; the Bowling Crown. It's really cool in my opinion.

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Mesh: 10/10 - The mesh is WONDERFUL. It has never been used before, it is perfectly original. The bowling balls and pins are awesome, they look real. Also, it fits awesomely on the head, making it really cool.

Colors, Design, and Detail - 10/10 - There is a lot of color in this. Blue, purple, brown, black, green, white, and red. They all go together really well, making it look like an actual Bowling Crown. The design is awesome, and the bowling balls have a lot of detail, as well.

Price - 10/10 - For the awesomeness of this hat, the price is awesome. This hat costs 88 R$, which is very cheap. A lot of people could buy this hat, easily. It also made a lot of profit, the lowest price right now is 6000 R$.

Stock - 10/10 - The stock of this is PERFECT. There are 90 of these available, making profit easy. It's also very rare, not making a lot of people have it.


Summary: In my opinion, this hat is LITERALLY PERFECT. Everything is amazing, I would buy this hat in a second. However, unfortunately, buying is not available right now due to the exploits, but ROBLOX is fixing this. Also, ROBLOX may do something that's called a rollback, where all the status and data of EVERYTHING on Roblox is the same again. 

déjà vu, huh? Anyway, if this hat doesn't go away, I would definitely recommend buying it. Hackers are bad, but they are surely good for making awesome hats.

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  1. i hope they keep limiteds if rollback. I has bowling crown!! :D

  2. I only have the crappy hat with 100 owners...

    I wanted the 100k one. LOl

  3. Typical that it was made by the hackers and not ROBLOX.

  4. @Bob It was made by ROBLOX idiot.

    The hackers just set the price and stock.