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Monday, April 16, 2012

HAT REVIEW: Manix Ironstench

Hey LMaDers and Robloxians! Today I'm going to review one of the profitable limiteds we have had this month; Manix Ironstench! Let's get started!
You smell him before you see him, but by the time you smell him, it's already too late.

Manix Ironstench

Mesh: 10/10 - Yes, I have to put this out there. This is one of the BEST MESHES EVER. Look at how original it is! The horns are epic, and the helm-like area is awesome! It goes great with pretty much ANY hat, and makes a look make much more awesome!

Colors, Design, and Detail: 10/10 - Yes, another 10/10. As you see in the name, it says Ironstench. Look at the rust on the bottom helm part. This makes it look so realistic as a helmet, and the horns are brown and beige in contrast to have the colors blend well. There is a lot of detail on this, the rust, even tiny specks, are in the metal area, and there are "bandage-like" objects on the horns, along with the spikes on the top of the helm that looks like actual rocks.

Price: 10/10 - The price for this was amazing. This costed 600 R$ when it came out. It is currently worth around 900 - 1,000 R$, so users made around 100 - 200 R$ profit. It's no question that this hat is purely epic, and for a cheap price like this, many people can enjoy it while saving some bucks in their pocket.

Stock: 7/10 - I would've liked to see the stock a LITTLE bit lower. There were 800 of these in stock. Although everything else was great, it discouraged some LMaDers not to buy because of this stock. However, surprisingly, it did sell about 3-5 per second, not even being on the front page, and when it hit the front page, it sold even faster. If the stock was a little bit lower, there would be more profit, but it doesn't really matter.


Summary: This hat is AMAZING. It is currently one of my favorite hats of all time, but that's my opinion. If you're looking for epic hat combos, I suggest buying this hat. I'll be keeping mine for a llllllooooonnnngggg time.

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