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Monday, April 9, 2012

Interview with hbazzi1210!

Hello all! Today I'm going to interview a very well known LMaD'er named hbazzi1210. With almost 7000 forum posts, there's no doubt that this LMaD'er knows what hes talking about!

Question 1: When did you start ROBLOX?
Answer 1: I started playing ROBLOX in early March 2010.

Question 2: What made you want to join ROBLOX?
Answer 2: First of all some relatives were playing ROBLOX and I saw them, I thought it was stupid like a rip off of Legos, but then I saw a Ad online when I was on a website I clicked it and started playing.

Question 3: Why did you start LMaDing?
Answer 3: I started LMaDing because I liked to see my money go up, I could never get over 3k, but right now I have 10x that. It's a Wonderful environment, and there are a lot of nice people there.

Question 4: Who is your favorite LMaDer or Robloxian?
Answer 4: My favorite LMaDer by far is probably Bluffy1222, hes a great friend, really good LMaDer, and is always there for me.

Question 5: What is the most Robux you've had at once?
Answer 5: The most robux I've ever had at once is the amount I actually have right now 32,242 robux.

Question 6: What is/was your goal on Roblox, and have you reached it yet?
Answer 6: My goal is Doom Bucket or Sparkle Time Fedora but both items raised dramatically, so I have to work even harder.

Question 7: What is your favorite ROBLOX game?
Answer 7: My favorite game on ROBLOX is Daxter's old Laser Tag, that was the best game ever, but sadly nobody plays it now.

Question 8: What's the most profit you've made off of a hat/gear/face?
Answer 8: The most profit I've mad off a hat was The Void Star, I got for LPP then sold for 12k.

Question 9: What was your peak and valley of your investing career?
Answer 9: The peek of my investing is when BallinOHehir21 gave me Classic Fedora for LPP and 5k to start investing, hes a really great friend and I started investing with he large amount of money I got. The Valley of my investing is when TheDizzyGues/Bookifi/Jurton scammed me out of 10,000 robux of a loan and never paid back.

Question 10: What is your favorite part about Roblox and LMaD?
Answer 10: My favorite part of ROBLOX is it gets thinking about my future like a game designer or engineer. My favorite part of LMaD is my money going up and up and up :).

Question 11: Who is your favorite LMaD'er? (Can be more than one)
Answer 11: My favorite LMaDers are Bluffy1222, BurgerDogs, JoshisCool2222 (I think its spelled like that), Cyclopes (numbers), noooooo, lance7, and more. I cant name all of them, if your name isn't here don't worry, I cant name all of them :).

Question 12: Anything else you would like to say?
Answer 12: I dont have much more to say, if you want your money to go up, I think you should forum in the "Let's Make a Deal" Section this is how I have my 30k+. LMaD <3 ROBLOX


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