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Friday, April 27, 2012

Interview with Zudexa

What's up fellow LMADer's, today I have a treat for you. I recently sat down with Zudexa, a popular LMADer. I asked him a few questions, and here's what he had to say.

Question 1: When and how did you start Roblox?
1) I started roblox in 2010 in about may. And I had personal info in my username so I had to get a name change.

Question 2: What's the most money you've had at once?
 2) Most money at once i'd have to say is about 120k. I know. Kind of poor.
Question 3: How did you start LMADing?
3) My old friend variouscoolguy33 got me into LMaDing in 2010. Then I started to merge into foruming in RT and OT by 2011. I was the OT troll of 2011.
Question 4: Cake or cookies?
4) Both. If I can't choose both. Then cake.
Question 5: Whos your LMaD idol?
5) My LMaD idol. I'd have to say is RCGM or Bombz99.
Question 6: Out of all the items you've owned,whats your favorite?
6) Out of all the items i've ever owned. I'd have to say dominus frig was my favorite. I got it on April 1st so it got rolled back :c
Question 7: Whats your advice to any new LMADers?
7) My advice would be, Try and profit as much as you can and don't post false snipes.

Zudexa, one of our fellow, well-known brothers.

RY84TTT: Staff Author

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