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Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Site Design- For Better, or for Worse?

As we all basically know, Roblox has released a new look of the website. According to the admins, they are testing it out to see whether or not it will remove any site lag. The background has been removed, and replace with just simple white. The log-in has been slightly changed, but isn't very noticeable. I find the most noticeable thing about the trial website design would have to be the ad placement change. The ads can now be found below the "My Roblox" bar. Here are a few screen shots I took:

It seems the updates have sparked a slight bit of controversy over whether or not the new design is for the better or for the worse. There's no doubt that the site itself is less visually appealing than it was before, but some do agree that the site is much less laggy. Personally I appose the update, but its only temporary. I'd like to hear what our readers have to say, so please post in the comments below.


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