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Saturday, April 14, 2012

REVIEW: Roblox Egg Hunt 2012

The ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2012 has been a huge success!
There were 24 eggs available to be found at the Egg Hunt. Here is a list of all the eggs.

There was also 1 other egg available at the place “Welcome To Stoogeville”.

The eggs were creative, and all were pretty attractive. They all make great hat combos with other Egg 
hats, or some hats that aren’t even eggs. They look like they were worked hard on, and they deserve a 
round of applause.
     In JUST 1 Day, there was over 300,000 place visits at the Egg Hunt. This might actually be record as 
the most place visits at one place in a day.
     There were a few servers that were exploited. For example, one exploited server gave you all the eggs 
you haven’t earned immediately. Others gave everybody admin commands, so everybody can abuse 
them. This was one of the bad things about the Egg Hunt. 

     There were also multiple people who named their places after Egg Hunts or just made fake Egg Hunts 
for  place visits. 

This sadly common nowadays thanks to Jaredvaldez4. (sigh) 


     Summary: Although there were many exploited servers, the Egg Hunt was unexpected, and 
amazing. The eggs look fantastic, and the hunt was challenging and fun. The admins actually did 
something ROBLOX users wanted! ISN’T THAT SHOCKING?

Credit to this post goes to a well known LMaDer,

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