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Sunday, April 1, 2012

RIP EXcellent - Left the LMaD Community

I Don't know what everyone thinks about EXcellent, but from what I know and how I feel about him, he was a great LMaDer, good days, bad days, he was there to make it better or worse. No LMaDer has true guts like him to quit on April Fools day, and be serious.

Q: Why are you quitting LMaD?
A: Only LMaD. Basically, it's been going downhill for a while now. I'd like to leave before it hits rock bottom.

Q: Will you EVER come back?
A: I might pop in if I have an item to sell, but besides that, no.

Q: Who is your most inspirational LMaDer?
A: Bombz99, if only because of his rags-to-riches story. I remember when he first came to LMaD in late 2010, he barely had anything. Now look at him.

Q: Dream Hat?
A: Sparkle Time Fedora

Q: You has ever scammed you?
A: Who has ever scammed me? Salem9 out of Retro 80s Headphones & Bluesteel Bathelm and a user who's name I forgot out of Buildmaster Headband.

A: I'm not quitting Roblox. I still want to invest.

Q: Do you hope your remembered?
A: I hope so. I've been LMaDing since January 2010.

-Personal Questions-

Q: Do you remember SummertimeOlympics? (2010-2011 LMaDer)
A: Yes

Q: Do you remember when pizzaboy52 went to the sports forum section on his final Robloxing days?
A: Vaguely

Q: Are you too cool for school?
A: No. I'm too hot to trot.


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