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Monday, April 2, 2012

ROBLOX will not be sued.

The workers of ROBLOX had no control over this situation, if anyone will get sued/in legal trouble, it would be the hackers, in which they can pay us all back for our BC cards and stuff. Also, I'm hoping they didnt get far enough into the database to obtain my parents financial information.

 The workers, in which, having no control (Database turn over) was screwed up, and the ROBLOX Admin, Stickmasterluke, fell for the trick, thinking it was a prank. Unfortunatly, it was no prank.

 All stuff is being restored, thanks guys!

During this time, all hell will be breaking loose.

 ~Hibill1, Co-Owner/Website Designer


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  2. I ment to say ROBLOX's Fault for not having a good enough security...

    1. Well, it was uncalled for, and they are pro. I think you may be in the slightest portion right.

    2. They obviously aren't pro... using basic exploits to gain acess to website is script kiddie, not pro

  3. ROBLOX probably had multiple databases, websites usually have more than one. And in all likelihood the hackers weren't good enough to get the financial info because it was either too hard to get, useless to them or they didn't know how to use it if they got it. Also, if they did they'd have serious police pressure on them..

  4. I'm sure they'll still be threatened with lawsuits since people are crazy like that.