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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Broken Catalog

Hello LMADers, today I will be talking about an issue that bugs us all. THE CATALOG IS BROKEN! It is for me and most LMADers at least. Anyways, what happens is when you try to buy an item right after it comes out, you can see the price (sometimes not), but when you click to go to the buy screen, there is no buy button. This all started when this came out:

The Windforce

To bypass this, either you have to be in a certain area I assume, or you have to go to a subdomain. Recently, all of them have been down though...

A picture of one of the subdomains,

However, when you try to log in now, must of them come up with this error web page.

When trying to log in, you get this error page

As you can see, this issue is quite annoying. It takes about 1 day just to see the buy button. Roblox admins, if you're reading, fix this now!

RY84TTT: Staff Author

( I sold ice skull for profit and got PBTH :3. Also, I back from my one day ban. Yay!)

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