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Sunday, May 13, 2012

LMaD - Falling?

The question is, is LMaD falling? Is this nearing the end of LMaDs famous? Find out now!

I've done various amounts of research (that's why I haven't been posting much) and I got these results (obviously estimated)

Based on the chart (LMaDers as in complete full time LMaDers) has been down the most in  the past month at 30 LMaDers. 6 months ago, the amount of LMaDers was stable at 50 for 2 months. 10 months ago, LMaD had 50 people, and the next month went up 10, then after that month it went DOWN ten, then down another ten. Since this was estimated, the worst time out of 10 months is now, with 30 ACTIVE LMaDers. Only if it was 6 months ago, that was the best time out of 10 months.

~picklepuss; author~