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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PLACE REVIEW: Catalog Heaven

Today I'm reviewing Catalog Heaven by Merely.

Gameplay: 9/10 - I personally have played it a little, when I did play I loved the in-game catalog GUI. It makes this game very fun and exciting at the same time. There is a battlefield for fighting each other with gear. When you spawn, you are in a force field environment so nobody can kill you or something.

Creativity: 7/10 - It's fun an all yes but it's kind of basic. All you really do is try stuff out and fight. Nothing more too it. The thumbnail always looks fantastic though.

Effort: 10/10 - I see that Merely has put a lot of effort into his game. He is constantly updating it and adding new scripting. I enjoy watching this on front page because it varies on how many people play it. I like how he keeps the V.I.P/Admin at a low price so many can afford.

Scenery and Details: 6/10 - The last time I played, wasn't much detail. It was basically a fighting area and a box where you try on different items and gears. It might have changed a little since I played, but it's still very fun. The detail in the thumbnail is always good and awesome.

OVERALL : 8 - Fun


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