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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Interview with 123qwe!

Today I'm interviewing 123qwe, a very experienced LMaDer and Robloxian! With almost 5 years of Robloxian knowledge behind him, he's bound to have some stories to tell! 

Question 1: When did you start ROBLOX?
Answer 1: October 28th, 2007. I don't very much remember how the site looked, because it's changed so much.
Question 2: What made you want to join ROBLOX?
Answer 2: After a recent birthday party I went to, I found out about a cool site. I searched that site on Google, and I saw a text-only advertisement for ROBLOX. (random, huh?)
Question 3: Why did you start LMaDing?
Answer 3: I had gotten bored of playing games, and I still wanted to make new friends, not to mention make money.
Question 4: Who is your favorite LMaDer or Robloxian?
Answer 4: I would likely say DarkGenex. He's a kind person, never really mean. And when he posted that thread full of confessions, he earned tons of respect from me.
Question 5: What is the most Robux you've had at once?
Answer 5: About 15k. That was during the limited-pocalypse. I bought the Blame John/Telamon protest sign for 2k, which later reached 12k.
Question 6: What is your goal to reach, and have you reached it yet?
Answer 6: My goal is to get a Doombucket. I try never to go too low on robux, especially now that it's raised.
Question 7: What is your favorite ROBLOX game?
Answer 7: I would have to say Catalog Heaven by Seranok. it's a great try-before-you-buy game, and the scripting is amazing.
Question 8: What's the most profit you've made off of a hat/gear/face?
Answer 8: About 7k. Mentioned earlier, I made lots of money of the Blame John/Telamon sign.
Question 9: What was your peak and valley of your investing career?
Answer 9: My peak was when the kind Rex donated me 2k, when I normally had 500R$ at most. It really started off my investing. My valley would be getting macsed out of a few kR$ in multiple attempts for BaCon. (I would like to thank Errorless for being legit :D)
Question 10: Anything else you would like to say?
Answer 10: I would just like to say that LMaDing is probably my favorite thing to do on ROBLOX :D


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