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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hat Review, by a noob

hey nobs who kant profit its me agan teh best proftr evah!!1!

todai i will revew a ger calld darkhart

first off teh texture is nonexistant there is no frikkin texture its just sword mesh all blak and dat is racist so it gets a -1/10

teh mesh is so bland it liek copid teh mesh of venomshank so it getz -1/10 cuz i missd venmshank cuz of st0pid errorz1!11!!!!!!111!

teh gear itself suks i men all it does is gain helth i men bat blade kan do dat so its bad to use in gud games liek gear warz and insert warz so it gets 0/10

and its to frikkin expensive i men not as expensve as dominis but its still xpnsive so only peepz who buy alot of rubox can get it so i gve it 0/10

total dis gear gets a -2/40 so it suks dont get it

buy something bettr liek red eriksons lambchop kthxbai nobs 

This is just for fun, credit to Darkgenex.