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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interview with Akaboom3!

Hio, heres a quick interview with a well known LMaDer, Akaboom3!
Q: Why did you start LMaDing?
A: Cause I like to make money

Q: What is the most profit you've made so far?
A: Buying indy for 25k, selling it for 60k. (in one deal)

Q: How long have you been LMaD'in?
A: 3 months

Q: Who's your favorite LMaDer
A: Between Presently and Bombz99. Also like, Cb10, Itrolledu and a lot of others.

Q: What's your favorite hat?
A: Dominus Infernus to be honest :/

Q: What's your all time most money at once?
A: 230k

Q: Are you satisfied with LMaD Community?
A: It's good, expect for half of them are trolls, and the other half is spammers. Only like 50 people actually do LMAD lol.

Q: What are your dream Hat(s)
A: Dominus Infernus, even though i can buy it if i sell everything.

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