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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Interview with DarkGenex

DarkGenexQ1: What date did you first join ROBLOX?

February 11, 2010

Q2: What made you join roblox? 

I was sick at home, and wanted to play a free online Dead Rising game. I found ROBLOX and was hooked.

Q3: Who was your role model when you joined?

TheGamer101. I saw his games and noticed how he was making money off of them and all of his items.

Q4: What inspired you to become what you are right now?
Just seeing all of the LMaDers prospering and gaining wealth, as well as the want to get expensive items. Apparently on ROBLOX, Expensive Items = Respect.

Q5: What was your peak and valley of your investing career?
During Black Friday, I made a bunch of investments and got myself up to about 30k... I managed to get Lightbulb for 1000 ROBUX during that time.

Q6: Whats your favorite game of all-time? 
Original Cops VS Robbers by Iceman629

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