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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Interview with DarkUDog

You probably know this user as "The millionaire who's got more Robux up his sleeve than Seth Deesub
(Seth7575)." Well, that is ALL true, now here is a quick Q&A session;

Q: Why did you start LMaDing?
A: I was bored. I wanted to make robux.

Q: What is the most profit you've made so far on one hat?
A: Millions.

Q: How long have you been LMaD'in?
A: I don't really LMaD anymore, I just check up on it once in a blue moon. But about a year, or so.

Q: Who's your favorite LMaDer
A: I don't know.

Q: What's your favorite hat?
A: None of them.

Q: What's your all time most money at once?
A: 3.8M robux, 800k tix. That's my all time money. At hand, I've had 1.5M robux at the most, and like 500k tix at the most.

Q: Are you satisfied with LMaD Community?
A: Never was.

Q: What are your dream Hat(s)
A: None.

Q: Anything else you would like to share?


  1. You've gotta love Dark. Haha.

  2. I remember when he got his R$...

    Sorry bout your parents... D:!

    -Sonic X