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Monday, March 19, 2012

REVIEW: Irish Gentlemen

Hio, today I am going to show you guys a review of this St. Patrick's Day special!

Mesh: 8/10 - This mesh is used almost every holiday; but the fact that they still all get published, and sold is not amazing to me. I would of guessed it's top hat mesh would of been very popular for St. Patrick's Day 

Design: 8/10 - I LOVE THE COLORS; Shading made with hat look phenomenal. This by far is one of the best retextures I have seen. It's a good way to look fancy pants, without the money! :3 

Price: 9/10 - The price is very reasonable for this type of hat. It is only 500 R$! I probably could of guessed the price would lower due to how much were in stock, and it's price. (Currently 430 - 500 R$)

Detail: 9/10 - DETAILED, DETAILED,DETAILED. No better way to describe it's detail :3. There is so much detail with this hat. 

Creativity: 5/10 - Due to it being a retexture, it's a same old hat spit out again.

Stock: 5/10 - The stock was not great, with 1,000 hat sold, it's not a great hit for LMaDers. I wouldn't recommend spending your savings (or extra cash) on this hat.

Summary: It's a great retexture. It just turned out bad. The stock and the price ripped it apart. The rest is average - above average.

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