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Sunday, March 18, 2012

LMaD Post Speed Bot attack

There has been an attack on LMaD.

The spam bots.
isuper67, the creator

Of course noone meant for this to happen. isuper67, the creator said he wanted to just play around. He didn't mean for it to turn into a giant spamming mess.

There has been over 300 posts using the spambot. isuper67 himself got a message from Shedletsky (Telamon) after people including himself wanted to get the bot patched.

The admins are working hard to fix it, but many LMaDers are leaving because of the enormous catastrophe.

Lets hope it stops soon! 

(If any of you guys were here on December 30, 2011, you would've seen the Bombz99 quitting catastrophe, and I think this one is almost bigger than what that one was)

Staff Member (Admin)

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