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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Guide to see if a limited is a win or not

This is a short and small guide to tell if a limited is a fail or win.

1. How fast does it sell out?
    a. Usually if the limited sells out fast, or is being purchased at a steady rate. It's probably good to say it's not a fail (don't always assume it's a win of how fast it sells).
    b. If it does sell out fast but is a fail, then maybe it was the looks, which is the next rule.

2. Looks
    a. Looks is mainly an opinion. But if you can see that the limited is what people want then it will win in the looks value. If it's a new hat, never seen but it's kind of ugly, it might be debatable if you should buy or not.

3. Stock
    a. Stock amount matters a lot in the limited business. If the hat/gear/face is limited and has a stock of 1500, you're kind of pushing the profit zone.
    b. If the stock is high, let's say 2000 like sk11r but the price is low, you should probably buy and try to get on a ALT or ALTs.
    c. Let's say you weren't sure on if the limited was a win or not because of the stock. Well if you pay attention to how fast it sells out, it could give you a good understanding on if you should buy or not. If it has a rather high stock, but is selling quickly @ 150 robux. It might make you a little profit in the near future.

4. Price
    a. The price is also another big factor in the limited business. If the price is high (above 2,000 robux) you probably don't want to buy because many of those types of limited's fail. The only time is if it was like a Sparkle Fedora or something re-textured, you can always take the risk.

5. The economy (doesn't matter much)
    a. Well, maybe the economy is holding you back from buying a limited because if you sell, might now be people with the money at the moment. For example a expensive item that Emerald Circlet hat, it reached a point of 8,000+ but nobody bought. It just kept lowering and lowering until 4k.
Emerald Crystal Circlet


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