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Monday, March 19, 2012

LMaD Traditions

As we all know, LMaD has a few traditions, but i am going to be talking about two.
The first is a snipe - a - thon. ( If you don't know what a snipe is, check the LMaD Terms/Abbreviations ) Sometimes the person who is doing the snipe - a - thon names it, meaning if i were to have a snipe - a - thon, i could say "Tj - a - thon" or "Tjzap - a - thon".
A snipe - a - thon is where a user usually picks out 3-5 limiteds and sells them for snipes one at a time

The second is a LPP - a - thon. A LPP - a - thon is where like a snipe - a -thon, the user picks out 3-5 limiteds, but puts them up for LPPs instead of snipes.

Although there are many snipe and LPP - a - thons, a lot of people don't get the item because of people botting.

Botting or commonly known as BOaTing, is where somebody uses a bot that automatically buys an item when it goes up. Many people don't like this. If you bot/BOaT, it's not a good thing.


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