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Monday, March 19, 2012

Interview with pdog417!

Today I'm interviewing pdog417, a very famous LMaDer with over 18,000 posts!

Question 1: When did you start ROBLOX?
Answer 1: November 1st, 2009

Question 2: What made you want to join ROBLOX?
Answer 2: My brother showed me it when I was a wee but tadpole

Question 3: Why did you start LMaDing?
Answer 3: I used to RT, but then I clicked LMaD by accident. I made some money from a snipe and decided to stay because of raffles, and I was hooked.

Question 4: Who is your favorite LMaDer?
Answer 4: Probably EXcellent or jirachidog. EXcellent is generous and kind, but jirachi is mature and makes good profit.

Question 5: What is the most Robux you've had at once?
Answer 5: 54k, it was a donation though

Question 6: What is your goal to reach, and have you reached it yet?
Answer 6: My goal is to buy a Crimson Catseye before Halloween, and no I haven't reached it, I'm almost about half-way there.

Question 7: What is your favorite ROBLOX game?
Answer 7: I don't play games.

Question 8: What's the most profit you've made off of a hat?
Answer 8: I made 21k off of Indy, so that's the most.

Question 9: Anything else you wanna say?
Answer 9: Tell them to read my blurb and buy the large/supersize donation for Catseye.

Well that's all! Keep checking in to to the blog to see more interviews and more!

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