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Sunday, March 18, 2012

LMaDer Interview: Wvking (Ross123123)

Interviewing Ross123123 (wvking)!

Here we have WVking (Ross123123). Ross123123 had many limiteds, and more than 30,000 posts.

Q1: What date did you first join ROBLOX?
A1: 9/8/2008

Q2: What made you join roblox? 
A2: I joined because I was at my friends (hawkig88)house and he showed me it. He doesnt really play anymore

Q3: Who was your role model when you joined?
A3: Shaakra (something), the maker of that Zombie Tycoon

Q4: What inspired you to become what you are right now?
A4: There wasnt really a hat in general, but me and my friend hawkig88 always were bragging to eachother how much money we had when we first joined, and he managed to save up like 500 tickets and then I bought bc.

Q5: What was your peak and valley of your investing career?
A5: My peak was probably in 2010 when I had every :( hat but red grind, however I was an idiot and thought pieperson would actually trade EST for all of them...

 Q6: Whats your favorite game of all-time? 
A6: I've played lots of good games but I can't really narrow it down to one game, my favorite 3 would have to be plane wars, miked's ultimate paintball and lumberjack tycoon by defaultio.

That's all! Keep checking in for more awesome interviews and posts!

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  1. It's cool how your using the questions I used to interview EXcellent.