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Saturday, March 17, 2012

LMaDer of the Week: BurgerDogs

NOTE: Some LMaDers *Cough*BurgerDogs*Cough* may choose to not answer the Q&A's honestly, that is OK.
Q: Why did you start LMaDing?
A: it seemed cool, and my friend told me about it

Q: What is the most profit you've made so far?
A: buying double rainbow for 50R$ and selling it a few weeks later for 60R$
Q: How long have you been LMaD'in?
A: 4-6 days i believe

Q: Who's your favorite LMaDer
A: lady gaga

Q: What's your favorite hat?
A: illumina

Q: What's your all time most money at once?
A: 153R$

Q: Are you satisfied with LMaD Community?
A: ...sure

Q: What are your dream Hat(s)
A: shaggy, backwards r cap, sword pack

Thank you Burgerdogs for this Q&A session, Stay tuned for next week!