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Saturday, March 17, 2012

REVIEW: Emerald Crystal Circlet

This is the 1st hat review for this site;
I would first like to start of by telling you our blog covers 10 things about the hat.

We will rate it first, off its 10 Q's

1.) Does it sell?
2.) Successful or Not
3.) Appealing
4.) Who will buy
5.) Raise or Lower
6.) Best dates to sell
7.) Good with Hat Combos
8.) Original
9.) Will an LMaDer pay full price
10.) Will it be profit, if you buy as a snipe

Now that we covered that, lets get on with the review :D


  1. It sells moderately, prices went skyrocket when it first came out. Because it's limited and has 150 in stock, the sales are pretty big.
  2. I would say it IS successful, it's price is about 3x the regular price it was first sold at.
  3. It's not very appealing. Look at it, without the "Clovers" it would be on my "Want" list. Yet the clovers Google image makes many people want to buy during the holidays.
  4. It would be my best bet to say that collectors of limiteds would buy this. No ODer or regular Roblox game player would want to spend 3k+ on this hat.
  5. It will lower during regular days, on St. Patrick's day it will raise, my guess is 1-2k+ on St. Patrick's Day.
  6. Of course, St. Patrick's Day is the best time to sell, if you still have it during regular season, the demand  for the hat is almost nothing.
  7. Yes, this hat is OK with hat combos, because it's crown like mesh it will always be wearable...
  8. No, it's a retexture. 
  9. Only when it first came out LMaDers were swarming the hat's prices with bids, some came desperate enough to pay for it right after it sold out. In my OPINION it wasn't smart.
  10. A snipe for this on a regular day is like buying a Christmas hat for 2k, and holding it for the next 12 or 6 months... ( Not so good ).
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