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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mysteries and Rumors: #1

Happy St.Patrick's Day from all of the Staff;
I would like to share our first annually "Mysteries and Rumors". We will share the current rumors about what limiteds will be published soon, and we will provide evidence and such.

So let's get started, so far there are 2 major mysteries and rumors:

Green Kick Flip;
   Many people spread the rumor that the GKF will be out on St. Patrick's Day;
as we can ALL see, it's not out. The green kick flip is a retextured " ): hat " that will add on to the collections of " ): Hats ". 
    Brighteyes had used sarcasm when they asked if the GKF would be coming out today (On Twitter) She replied,something along the lines "Okay, if you say so" or something with sarcasm.

Green Sparkletime Fedora;
  Another example of what people these days fall for;
No admin in the world would publish this hat on St. Patrick's Day, because of it's color.
They know the right time, and wont give a lot of clues.
    Brighteyes again turned down what many people thought would happen,
this being published today. 

M&R Series gives credit to Ninnaradioactivecow, for this great idea.

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  1. She actually said Since you asked so nicely. She said that to ProArtistz who said Realease the GK (or GSTF,forgot which one but think its GK) now.