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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trade Currency Guide (TC)

____Things that will come in handy!_____
A calculator,(This you may want because of the fast moving Rates)
Of course the Tradecurrency

The steps to millions:
(Tip)______1a. Ever hear the expression you need money to make money? That’s how the TC works. The more money you have the more you make! If your new I suggest you start with 300 tix to get started.

______ 2. Ok, if you have Robux, start at #4! Ok Look at the TC. On the left side is the Tix Ratio Which you use when your changing Tix to Robux. You will see it looks like this: (This is only an example)

------Availible Ticke
------ 400 @ 9.8932
------ 100 @ 9.7901

______You want to make the most you can although it can take up to 5 minutes for your turn to come. So, as you see the Rate ( the number after the @ sign ), is fairly close in the first two Rates, and theres a bigger difference between the third and second. So you divide the amount of Tix you have by the third rate since the rate is near the top and fairly ok difference. You divide your 300 tix by the 9.7901 to get the amount of robux you should put in.

______ 3. In this case you would get 30.64320. You round that up and get 31 robux. Soyou open up the Limit Order and put the amount of tix you have in the top and the amount of Robux you want in the bottom. In this case 31.

______ 4. Now you have Robux. Your new goal is to turn the robux back into tix. Since you now how robux, you look at the list on the Right side. You will see something like this: (This is only an example) 

------Availible Robux:
------1032@ 10.2501
------23 @ 10.3529
------28231@ 10.3800

______ Again you want to make the most of what you can, so you don’t ever want to cut off the first one. As you see there is a small amount in the second spot followed by a large one and they have a small difference. Since the 28231 robux, (The number before the @ is the amount of what that side is for that someone else is TCing), would take much to long to do, you use its ratio. 

______5. You now multiply your robux amount by the ratio because of the oppurtunity to get yours done faster. So you do 31x10.3800 and get 321.78 which would be the amount of tix you’d want back. So you go into the Limit order and put in your Robux in the top and the amount of tix you want back. Just right there you made 21 tix. Althought that may not seem like a lot but you can make more as you go!

______6. Just continue the above with any amount you may reach or already own and make you way to being a Rich Robloxian. SUGGESTION: Read the following tips that also include definitions of other things you’ll see on the TC.

This is one of the most important parts of the TC. The spread which is located just under the refresh button, shows the difference between the Tix and Robux ratios, the higher the spread the more you make. Also the lower the spread(Example: -200) the more you can make. 

Negative spread:
You never use limit order on a negative spread. Negative spreads often go by fast and only stay for under 1 minute so you’d have to be fast. On a negative spread you use the market order. I’d suggest not putting in a lot of money on a negative spread even thought you can make a lot at a high risk or losing it all. So you’d put in your amount in the market order. And you will come out with the oppsite currency (Aka, Robux>Tix or Tix>Robux) Thenquickly put back what you just made in the market order and you will havemade money. I suggest not attemping this until you are very good at Positive spreads.

Positive spread: A positive spread is what the spread is normally. It is [obviously] any number over 0.

Split Trade: You always want to allow split trades. By not allowing it, that means your oder will only go through all at once. Which will slow down your order. 

If your order is not at the top of the list don’t expect it to go through. Althought sometimes part of your order will be traded before oyu reach the top.

Credit to:

Punisher5665, and Assisted with permission by Dragon188’s guide and tjzap for the idea

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