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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

REVIEW: Heat Vision Goggles

Hey LMaD'ers and Robloxians! Today, I am going to review the hat Heat Vision Goggles. This hat is quite old, approximately 3 three years old. It costs 12,000 Tix. This is also a retexture of the Night Vision Goggles.

"Gives "death stare" a new meaning."

Mesh: 8/10 This looks great! I have never seen this mesh used at all on any other hats! (Besides the Night Vision Goggles, and besides the new retexture of it called Frost Vision Goggles)

Design: 9/10 I'd say all the colors go well together, making a perfect camouflage design.

Price: 7/10 Although this costs 12,000 Tix, that equals approximately 1,300 R$, which is a lot for a non-limited hat.

Detail: 8/10 The person who had made and designed this hat, definitely put some thought into it. I can see they put lots of time into this, making little stitches on the hat. The only thing is that you can't really put that much more detail into it.


Summary: I think that this is a awesome hat, and I am still debating whether to buy it or not, because I am low on robux right now. I still strongly recommend buying this hat.