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Sunday, March 18, 2012

REVIEW: Lightning Orb

Hello fans and viewers, today I'm going to talk about this very odd gear
the Lightning Orb.

Mesh: 9/10 Looks great!
I would totally buy this if I was rich! It could go with almost anything!

Design: 8/10 It's okay the colors contrast very well and give a "Fantasy and Sci-fi" theme

Price: 1.2/10 TERRIBLE price! No LMaDer wants to buy a  R$: 10,000 gear with over 200+ owners! It wont sell.

Creativity: 9/10 Role players will love this, the effect of having a fansatsy gear is that in RPGs its a good weapon and it gives you a better look. Great use of meshes,coloring and names.

Detail: 8/10 It couldn't get any more detailed because it's basically a ball with zig-zag lines.

OVERALL: 4.33/10
Summary: The fact that this gear is 4 weeks old and hasn't been sold out yet is bad.
It's overpriced and ridiculously generally named. No one on earth should of ever bought this gear. Maybe in a year it will possibly sell out, then it will drop like crazy.