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Sunday, March 18, 2012

REVIEW: The Luck 'O The Irish

Hey guys! Today I'm going to review another St. Patricks Item. However, this one is a gear.

Mesh: 7/10 - This mesh is used a lot. A lot of gears have the handle and then the uprising sword part. However, it has some cool St. Patricks like objects on it that make it sort of original.  

Design: 10/10 - All the colors go well together, it makes the sword look like it was made out of Gold, which really brings out the St Patricks Day vibe.

Price: 10/10 - This is definitely worth the price. It only costed 150 R$! A lot of LMaDers knew at the beginning that this would profit, big. It did. It's now currently worth 800 - 900 R$. 

Detail: 10/10 - This has lots of detail. The lines on the clover, the swirly lines on the actual sword, and the swirly lines on the handle. Also, it has sparkles, which makes it even better.

Creativity: 9/10 - This sword has a lot of creativity. The fact that the colors make it look gold is very creative, which brings out the St. Patricks Day vibe like I said in design.

Stock: 6/10 - The stock on this was okay, I was expecting something a little bit better. With 2000 sold, price wars could easily begin, might even making it lose profit. Although that didn't happen, I would've liked a smaller stock.

Summary: This is a very great gear, especially for St. Patricks Day. It made a TON of profit. I knew it would, so I got this on two accounts. I made about 1,200 R$ profit. It was definitely worth buying, and if you missed it, I'd feel sorry for you. It is going up 800 to 900, and then dropping down to 800 again, so I'm assuming it's normal price will be 800-900 R$ for a long time.

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