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Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Updates 2012

Hio Robloxians Roblox has added some really nice features (Not trade system)

Let's start with the account Moderation History , My Roblox > Account > Scroll down > Moderation History

This shows you ALL the warning and bans you have gotten. It is VERY help full. Now I am watching what I do cause even I had a 14 dayer. This should be a monthly thing to check.

Next, Roblox added a age change section My Roblox > Account > Your Information

I strongly appreciate this feature, but at the same time I don't understand why they would add this? Anyways good job Roblox.

Last but not least, they added a money tracking system 
NOTE: For most it hasn't updated to their account
I think you just click the "Money" tab on your profile and it will have an option to see all your buy/sell history. This is great cause it helps CATCH SCAMMERS. It shows EVER T-shirt, Shirt, pants, Hat, Gear, Face, Model, Decal (I think) you have sold. (Including the price)


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