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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hat Review- Earth Rocks Shades

Hello readers! Today I'm going to review one of the hats from earth day, the Earth Rocks Shades!


Earth Rocks Shades
"Party rockin' on the Earth tonight. Every human gunna have a good time."
-Earth Rocks Shades-

Mesh: 4/10- The mesh is over used to say the least. We see shades such as these very commonly. Not very impressive.

Design: 5/10- The design is pretty bland and quite simple, but the picture of the earth on the front is well placed and fits.

Price: 3/10- The price is fairly unreasonable. The hat itself is not the most attractive, especially for  1200 Robux.  Considering other hats such  as Dr. Love sold for 500R$, I believe that would have been a more reasonable price, possibly even cheaper as Dr. Love has a more attractive and original design.

 Stock: 6/10- The stock isn't terrible, but the price seems to have ruined the chance of profit for the owners of this hat. The hat is seen at a price of around 1300R$, with a recent average price of 1138R$ (less then the original price). I believe if you hold onto these shades for a bit longer, you might be able to break even at 1200R$ or even make profit. Eventually the price should rise.

Overall rating: 4.5-Eh...
I would only recommend buying this hat if you get it for a good deal, or a snipe. Anyone who already owns these shades should probably hold onto them for a bit and hope the price rises. Overall, this hat is mediocre, and lacks some important aspects that makes a hat exceptional.




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