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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Egg Hunt 2012!

[UPDATE: April 6th, 2012] BrightEyes said on Twitter that it would be open for visitors today! Get your baskets ready! 

(@Brighteyesrblx When is the egg hunt going to start? Today? Tomorrow? This Weekend?
@IguodalaRBX Tomorrow)

Welcome LMaDers and Robloxians!

Today I'm writing about the new OFFICIAL ROBLOX EGG HUNT 2012!

Yes, when the admins said no, there definitely will be an egg hunt.

Current thumbnail of the place "HUNT"
Description: Hunt them... Hunt them all...
At around the end of March, a lot of LMaDers saw this place. We all thought this was a "trick" by the admins. But today, everything changed.

Today, the account Games, the account that makes official Games for Roblox, released badges on the place today.

Page 1 of the badges

Page 2 of the badges
The above two pictures so the pages of badges of the eggs. This definitely means there will be an egg hunt; why randomly release them?

There are 24 eggs, total. Here is a list: (Names updated last night (April 5th), also, new eggs were created)

  • Insanely Valuable Crystal Egg
  • Azurewrath Faberge Egg
  • Chaos Canyon Sugar Egg
  • The Last Egg
  • Ruby Filigree Faberge Egg
  • Egg of All Devouring Darkness
  • Ethereal Ghost Egg
  • Charles Babbage Faberge Egg
  • Crossroads Sugar Egg
  • Egg Timer
  • Self Replicating Egg of Grey Goo
  • Vampiric Egg of Twilight
  • Molten Meteoric Core Egg
  • Eggcognito Egg
  • Terrodactyl Egg
  • Eggsterminator Egg
  • Subterranean Egg
  • Office Professional Egg
  • Combo Egg of Trolllolol
  • Elevated Egg of the Eyrie
  • Sword Fight on the Heights Sugar Egg
  • Futuristic Egg of Antigravity
  • Aqueous Egg of River Riding
  • Hyperactive Egg of Hyperactivity
Now, some people thought that if you touched an egg, you wouldn't get that as a hat. I found some evidence that proved that wrong:

Tarabyte's models, containing 7 of the 22 eggs

ROBLOX's models, containing 1 of the 22 eggs

This could obviously mean that they would be released as hats. 

If they ARE released as hats when you touch them, I would really want the Binary Febrege Egg to keep ^_^

Also, I would like to congratulate mew1226, the user who designed our new logo, on getting 2 of his eggs in the egg hunt!

The Molten Meteoric Core Egg (Name by mew1226: Lava Egg of Hotness), and the Subterranean Egg (Name by mew1226: Silver Egg of Silver). 

As we speak, they are probably putting the finishing touches on the Egg Hunt. Good luck to all on the egg hunt, get as much eggs as you can!

(Btw, I bet some of you guys have been wondering what that Easter Egg Basket gear does (a  gear you automatically get when you join BC), and here is what it does:

That holds your eggs, so for:

NBC Members: Can only hold 3 Eggs
BC/TBC/OBC Members: Can hold 3+ eggs

That's pretty useful at this time of year, you can get all of the eggs now! If you're NBC, I think you can get all of the eggs but every time you get 3, you need to exit the game and go again.)

Again, good luck to all, and Happy Easter!

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