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Saturday, April 7, 2012

REVIEW: Egg Cannon 9000

Hio Robloxians, I will be reviewing all the new Egg Gear/Hats ( not the including egg basket )

Expires: 2 days from now

Mesh: 8/10 - It's looks are very deceiving, at first I thought it was a gun. Once I got to use it, it matched it's looks very well, along with a great appeal to everyone. 

Colors, Design, and Detail - 8/10 - Love it. Great sense of detail and colors. It only lacks good font. It's label on the gear is hard to read and simply ugly. 

Price - 8/10 - Cheap, for an item that isn't limited and was useless to me. 
(250 R$)

Stock - N/A - Not Limited.

Use - 6/10 - It's an easy way for lazy user to get eggs. My only concern is that you need to buy the other hats to get a good deal out of it. Some of the eggs don't even work. I've tried it out, and it's not what I thought it would be.

OVERALL: 7.5 - Above Middle

Summary: In my opinion, the decision to be BC only, and timed, was terrible. I liked that it was not limited, and was very cheap. The whole time I used it, I already had the eggs, the other hats that go with this gear are what makes it be a 7.5.


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