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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Our epic Earth
Hey LMaDers and Robloxians!

Today I'd just like to wish you all a Happy Earth Day! While we all realize Earth Day is only one day, it's good to take care of the Earth ALL YEAR. Earth is where we live, and we can make it better if you just plant some trees and take care of them!

Now, here are some interesting facts about the Earth:

  • The Mass of the Earth is about 6,580,798,520,700,000,000,000 tons! Credit to: The Google Facts
  • Earth is not exactly a sphere; as many people think it is. The rotation from the equator causes it to bulge out a bit, making it to be described as a oblate spheroid. Credit to: Universe Today
  • Experts from USGS claim that roughly 1,000 tons of space debris rain down on Earth every year. Credit to: Listverse
Well, now that we're done with that, let's talk Roblox-wise about Earth Day.

As many of you have noticed; profitable limiteds have been made on holidays; and although Earth Day isn't the biggest one in the world; every holiday counts on Roblox. Many retexturers have been at work making their creations for BrightEyes, and we have an accurate list of which retextures will be published.

The Retextures that will be published (picture by IbarrageI)

The picture you see above are the retextures that will be published. The Deep Forest Helm has been published already, but we still have 3 more. Here are my predictions for what the prices and stats will be for them:

Party Rock on the Earth 
Name - Earthly Shades
Limited - Yes
Price - 500 R$

Mr. Eco-Bot
Name - Mr. Eco-Bot
Limited - No
Price - 15 R$

Recycling Bowler
Name - The 3 Rs Bowler
Limited - Yes
Price - 750 R$

I'm expecting to have profitable limiteds today, but you never know; sometimes they let us down. Anyway, Happy Earth Day to all of you!

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