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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hat Review: Aluminum Recycled Bowler

Hey guys, today I'm going to review one of the newest hats from earth day, the Aluminum Recycled Bowler!

                           Aluminum Recycled Bowler

Mesh: 6/10- The mesh is good, but it's used to much and is not so original. Other than it being over-used, it's good.

Design: 7/10- Design is pretty bland, but has some "minor" details which makes it somewhat interesting. Pretty neat I've got to say.

Price: 9/10: Price is pretty reasonable. 250 ROBUX is perfect based on the design and the mesh. Could've been a bit cheaper, though. I would've suggested around 150 ROBUX to 200 ROBUX.

 Stock: 4/10: Stock could be much better. The amount sold is 4 times more as the price, and it takes more time and makes it less rare.


Overall rating: 7-Okay

I would somewhat recommend buying it for a cheaper price around  200-250 for more profit. Getting a snipe (225 ROBUX) is probably the quickest way to get some profit. Good numbers can also give you a chance due to all the palindromes and collected numbers in 1,000.

Picklepuss; Author


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