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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Interview with Gaara51

Earlier, I had to exciting opportunity to conduct an interview with gaara51, a very well-known LMADer. Here's what he had to say.

Question 1: When and how did you start Roblox? (How as in did a friend tell you etc.) 

Answer 1: I started to play around early 07. My first account was DonnyDude97. He got deleted. Then I had Donny2. He was deleted as well. And finally I have Gaara51. October 20'th 07. I started to play because of a friend I know in person. NintendoZACHERY. 
Question 2: When did you begin LMADing? 
Answer 2: Since later 2011
Question 3: Who is your LMAD idol?
Answer 3: I don't have an "idol" every one is treated the same by me no matter the "rep" they have. 
Question 4: What's the best item you've owned so far?
Answer 4: Hmm.. Probably dominus infernus, or dominus frigidus.
Question 5: Cheese or Cake?
Answer 5: What cake? Cheese.
Question 6: What's the most profit you've ever made?
Answer 6: Not really sure. I would have to guess 120k though.
Question 7: What's your best advice to new LMADers?
Answer 7: Respect every one, and don't be annoying. 

Gaara51, a truly epic LMADer


RY84TTT: Staff Author

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