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Monday, April 23, 2012

Interview with iTrolledU

Hi! Today I will be interviewing a well-known LMaDer, iTrolledU! Here are the questions that he answered!

Question 1: When did you start ROBLOX, and how did you find it?

Answer 1: i was searching the internet for a game and found one called "ROBLOX" and figured out it is pretty fun

Question 2: When and why did you start LMaDing?

Answer 2: I started LMaDing when i had got and sold a VS an had money and wanted to get more, and i came across LMaD

Question 3: Do you have an idol/favorite LMaDer? If so who is it?

Answer 3: i have a couple some of them are EXcellent, and robloscientist

Question 4: What's the best item you've owned?

Answer 4: Probly, the wind force it is really good

Question 5: What is your peak and your valley of your investing carreer?

Answer 5: my peak was when i got a venom shank as original buyer, and sold it i had some money and was able to buy better stuff and invest. my valley would be when electricslide macsed my 30k

Question 6: What's the most profit you've made from a gear/hat/face?

Answer 6: the VS i got 21k profit off it

Question 7: What is your current goal on roblox? Have you reached it yet?

Answer 7: to reach 100k, i was close but got delayed because electricslide

Question 8: What is the most amount of ROBUX you've had at one time?

Answer 8: around 75k

Question 9: Who is your favorite ROBLOXian? (different than LMaDer)

Answer 9: probaly jemmo21, he was my first friend on roblox (if it could be a LMaDer then probaly akaboom3, or ajb000)

Question 10: What's your favorite game of all time on ROBLOX?

Answer 10: Nooooooo's zombie tower

Question 11: What else would you like to say as advice or just something random to help them?

Answer 11: for investing try making some money then buy a good limited and hold on to it for it to raise