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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Interview with Our Own Tjzap

Hey guys, I am here to share my interview with our own Tjzap. Without further delay, let's begin.

Question 1: How and when did you join Roblox?
1. I joined roblox because my friend poop1275517803 had showed it to me in real life, but at first I showed no interest. Then a couple months later, I was really bored so I decided to check roblox out more, and got addicted. I joined in early 2011, but played more in mid 2011
Question 2: Pie or Cake?
2. Pie :3
Question 3: What is the best limited you have ever owned?
3. best limited i have ever owned would probably be Clockwork's Headphones, but on April 1st, they sold and I got money but lost the money during rollback. I never got them back.
Question 4: Who is your LMAD idol?
4. My LMaD idol would probably have to be either Bombz99, Burgerdogs, or SwordsOfDeath because they were my favorite LMaD'ers when I started to LMaD.
Question 5: What is your most favorite thing about the blog?
5. my favorite thing about the blog is that i get to be apart of it.
Question 6: What is the best deal you've ever made?
6. Best deal would probably just sniping items, or getting Clockworks headphones for 7k when they were selling at 15k
Question 7: What is your favorite item in the catalog?
7. My favorite item in the catalog would have to be the rainbow shaggy, rstf, or dominus emp.

Our own staff member Tjzap

RY84TTT: Staff Author

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