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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LMaD Games - New type of raffle?

Hi! Today, I'll be talking about LMaD games, or any other types of games related to the book/movie "Hunger Games".

ABOUT IT: First off, around 1-3 weeks after the Hunger Games came out, someone thought of a game that was related to it and called it "LMaD games". They would pick the few first posters to be in certain districts. As they were written down, they included a story line. At the end when there is either 1 or 2 remaining, they award the winner with a prize. It's much like a raffle. 

QUESTIONS: Is this the start of a new fad? Maybe it is, it's used a lot and now less raffles are happening and more LMaD games are happening. Will this take down the amount of donate-a-thons? Who knows. After the LMaD games started there have been less and less donate-a-thons and more LMaD games.

DIFFERENCE: There hardly is a difference between raffles, donate-a-thons and LMaD games. LMaD games are much larger, use days, and include a storyline in the process of how the losers died. It's much different then donate-a-thons. Donate-a-thons usually are about first poster gets this, or third poster gets this if... and so on. Donate-a-thons also are sometimes about guessing, such as, "Guess my amount of robux for 200R$", but in LMaD games it's about luck.

 The equation above is as of this week. This week had hardly one raffle or donations/donate-a-thons, but had tons of LMaD games. Technically, LMaD games are the same as raffles, but include a story line.

In CONCLUSION, LMaD games are pretty much the new types of raffles and somewhat donate-a-thons. LMaD games are not bad, actually they're good. Just much different than other stuff like donate-a-thons. 

Picklepuss; Author

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