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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Awesome Advertising!

Hey LMaDers and Robloxians! Today I just want to remind you that we are now accepting requests for ads on the site. Our new feature is awesome! Have any questions? Hopefully these answers will clear those up:
Advertising FTW


1. How much does it cost to advertise?

Right now it currently costs 100 R$ PER WEEK

2. How do I get my ad on the site?

Well, contact Co-Owner of the website, hibill1, pay him or another staff member the 100 R$ (Or so), and give him the advertisement picture. It needs to fit in the box you see to the side of this post.

3. Do I get to keep it here forever?

No, depending on how much you paid will be the extent of your ad. You ad will expire the amount you paid (Paying 400R$ = 1 month), so it would expire 1 month AND 1 day after your ad was place.

4. Will you be adding different spaces for ads, like the side of the site?

Yes, if the current template becomes successful, we will put advertising available for different parts of the site. The prices will be different, depending on where it is and on average how many people will see it.

5. Will it take viewers to the item I'm advertising?

Yes, when users click it, it will go to the item you are advertising.

6. What can I advertise?

You can only advertise ROBLOX items. Shirts, pants, t-shirts, group advertisements, limited prices, etc. We don't want anything inappropriate or unnecessary items being advertised.

That's all for now! Remember to contact hibill1 to advertise on the site!

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