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Monday, April 30, 2012

RY's Forgotten Hat of the Week: Princess Sunglasses

Princess Sunglasses

Hello fellow Robloxians, It's RY84TTT back with another forgotten hat. Today's hat is pretty cool. Princess Sunglasses is the name of these shades. Let's get started.

Mesh: 9/10- This mesh is pretty good, I can see it is a form of the Stylin and Secret Agent shades, but with the pink crown on it. I personally think it has what most people would call swag. Yes, I just said that.

Price: 7/10- This is where the deal goes sour. This hat is 1,500 R$. I could name some items right now I would rather buy with that cash. One would just to Trade Currency for the Heat Vision Goggles. The price is not very good overall.

Number Sold: 12/10- Holy hax, how does this hat only have 63 sales. Thats right guys, 63 sells. Sure the price is more then 1k, but to most LMADers and rich people, that's nothing. I guess most of it is the reason why I'm writing this review: It's a lost hat.

Overall: 8.5/10- Not Bad

This hat to me is personally cool. They are shades, and they have less than 70 sold. The only downside is the price, I would rather save up for something nicer. However, don't let that influence you. If you find these shades attractive, then by all means, go for it. That's it for now, tune in next week for another lost hat, see ya guys later!

RY84TTT: Staff Author

( I change my look again, :3)

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