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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Poll Closed! 5/2/2012

This week's poll has now been closed! Thanks to all who voted!

The question was: "Trivia time! What was the original price of the Golden Teapot of Pwnage?"

The answer was... *drum roll* 13,337 TIX! Yes, this was originally selling for 13,337 Tix!

It is whispered that if 1337 people buy this hat, the great Clockwork shall return  ... erm ... next week ... and lead his people to the promised land. Thus spake Telamon [Shedletsky] upon April Fools Day. What are the odds that he is serious??

I did this trivia question because this is one of my favorite hats! Only 10/37 people got it right! Everyone (yes everyone) guessed 1,337 R$, which is a good guess, but isn't correct.

Thanks to all who voted! There will definitely be a new poll up today!

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