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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hey LMaD'ers and Robloxians! Today, I'm going to review a very well known hat; Red Grind! Let's start.

"): is ROBLOXia's premier skateboard apparel brand. There's a Harvard business study that examines the wisdom of creating an unpronouncable brand name like ):. The main problem is that there is no way to spread awareness of the brand through word of mouth since no one can say ):. Bottom line: you have to be in the know to buy ):"

Mesh: 6/10 - This is not an original mesh. This mesh has been used PLENTY of times. It is just like any other hat.

Design: 8/10 - Although this design has been used before with RBX Skater, I still like the design of the hat. The colors go really well too.

Price: 11/10! - As this hat looks like it may have costed a lot, it only costed 7 R$ !  This hat was a sure buy when it came out!

Stock: 11/10 - Only 100 in stock! That means less people to price war with!

OVERALL: 7.9 - Awesome sauce

Summary: This hat is AMAZING! The reason the overall is 7.9 is because this hat is WAY OVERPRICED currently right now. Others have said it used to sell for 5-10k! If I ever got this hat, I would definitely keep it.


Thanks for the logo RY84TTT :D

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